Secularism and the college trap

by | Oct 10, 2012 | Podcast, Universalism

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So many of you have written heartbreaking letters to us about kids who lose their faith within a few months of  going to college. Some of the most solid teens you can imagine walk away from the truth – or reinvent it – and guess what: that does not happen by accident. There is an intentional strategy designed to break those beliefs, and it’s alive and well not only in secular universities but private Christian colleges around the nation.  If you are a parent who strives to teach your children a biblical worldview, today’s topic has never been more important. It’s for pastors and youth ministers who know the importance of pouring into teens the incredible amount of time, love and commitment to making sure teenagers are equipped in God’s Word.

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Today’s guest is Jay Seegert, co-founder of the Creation Education Center. It is a Wisconsin-based ministry helping Christians understand a biblical worldview, but Jay is a much sought-after speaker and lecturer around the nation. He will be here in Green Bay on November 3rd for Creation Quest.