Should Christians Attend the Muslim Mosque Open House?

by | Oct 16, 2012 | Podcast

This Saturday the local Mosque in Green bay is holding an open house where local citizens can learn about the Muslim faith and ask questions of local Muslim leaders.  I am asking you our listeners if I should attend the open house and if so what should I ask the local Imam?
A MESSAGE FROM THE "FRIENDLY" ISLAMI...In an article in our local newspaper I see that Sister Judy Miller of the St. Norbert Spirituality center was quoted as saying “Submission to God’s will unites us all” as she attended the Mosque open house last week.  Well Sister, does that include submission to a false god?

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I have spoken several times with Sister Judy Miller and in my opinion she is a universalist to the core.  She brings in Buddhist meditation teachings and seminars every year to the St. Norbert Abbey Spirituality Center.  When I asked her about this last year she told me basically that truth is in the eye of the beholder.  When I countered that I believe absolute truth is the Word of God, she rejected that statement out of hand.
Why Bishop Ricken and the local Catholic Diocese refuses to investigate what is going on at the Norbertine Spirituality Center is beyond me.  What is being taught clearly refutes Christian doctrine and is leading many astray.  The Bishop could make a strong stance by investigating what many Catholics I know have called a “brood of vipers” at the center.
But back to the question of “Should I attend the Mosque open house this Saturday?”  I am earnestly seeking God’s will for me on this issue.  If I go do I just listen?  Or do I respectfully confront what the Imam says with the Bible and his own Koran?  Do I ask him about the teaching in the Koran about abrogation and how Muslims are told by Allah it is acceptable to lie?  And with that being the case, how can we know when Muslim leaders are speaking the truth or lying?
I have said it before and I will say it again:  Muslims who are here as legal citizens have every right to worship and assemble.  We should not approach Muslims out of fear or ignorance.  They, like all men, need the saving gospel of Jesus Christ.  However, do we just sit back and not challenge what they are teaching?  Do we not confront them with teachings out of their Koran that infidels—Christians and Jews—must submit to Allah or be relegated to second class citizenship?  Do we not refute what they believe about Jesus—that he was a second class prophet who is not the Son of God and did not die on the cross for our sins?  Do we sit back in ignorance or deceit like Sister Judy Miller who seems to believe Allah and YHWH are one in the same?
Is my heart right and prepared to go into a house where a false god is worshipped?  Am I going in with an angry heart?  Or one that is filled with the Holy Spirit?  Is my goal to go in and speak from my own “wisdom”?  Or am I prepared to allow the Holy Spirit speak through me?
I am feeling led to go at this point.  I wonder if any of our Christian pastors and leaders will attend to learn more about this anti-christ religion that is being accepted as ‘truth” by more and more “Christian” leaders?  Do our Christian leaders realize the huge spiritual battle ahead of us as Islam spreads throughout our community and our nation?  Or will they remain silent and not be prepared to confront false teachers with the Word of God?  Our community has a great opportunity ahead of us—we can find out once and for all if we truly love Muslims.  We can reach out to them in love with the truth of who Jesus is—or we can sit back and be oblivious to the spread of Islam that is deceiving thousands in our nation every day.
It should be a very interesting day….