The battle for creation

by | Oct 5, 2012 | Podcast

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Did you know that a staggering number of Christians are unable to defend their faith in God, and in the Body of Christ? Why is that?  Could it be that the answer to understanding all of creation and the Creator really is contained throughout the Bible?
Perhaps you’ve got questions about the age of the Earth, carbon dating, dinosaurs and evolution. What does God’s Word have to say about all of these things, and why is it important to believe that the Book of Genesis account of creation is 100 percent true?
With us today is Eric Hovind of Creation Today, and Eric will be the main speaker November 3rd in Green Bay at an event we’re sponsoring called “Creation Quest.”

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Creation Today is a Bible-based ministry dedicated to impacting the world to KNOW the Creator — GOD! Creation Today produces some of the most requested resources available on creation, apologetics and evangelism.  Check out, a nice alternative to the lies of the History Channel, Evolution Today, Scientific American and National Geographic.