The new Illuminati of the airwaves?

by | Oct 31, 2012 | New Age

Making the occult the new normal:

I thought the “Illuminati” was something only crazy people talked about! (Not really, but that’s the perception.)  No, it’s real. Debuting today, intentionally on Halloween morning, is a brand new worldwide Illuminati Network (via 24-hour TV, Radio and Internet), supporting New Age, witchcraft and pagan lifestyles.
The Delaware-based co-founders Steve McManus and Elizabeth Sturino say: “With the Illuminati Network, they will not only be able to find such items as their favorite occult radio personalities, but they will also be able to find information on all alternative lifestyle events and issues.”
The network will provide reporters, editors and producers with a comprehensive list of occult experts who will expound on occult topics in a talk show style. The local newspaper reports:

The co-founders believe the Illuminati Network will become the hub of the occult universe worldwide, and will ultimately start to change how the general public views it.
“We are tired of the misconceptions surrounding these lifestyles in the media, but those misconceptions have never been consistently challenged by people who are competent and informed,” Sturino said. “That will now change.”

Oh, and lest you think they’ve forgotten the children, there will be programming targeted specifically for youngsters whose parents want to educate their children about their occultist lifestyle.
According to the Illuminati website:

“The Illuminati, from the Latin for “illuminated / enlightened ones”, refers to one of any number of secret societies (including the Bavarian Illuminati and discordian society). The singular form is Illuminatus, also the term used to describe a member of such a group.”
We never went anywhere…
We are tired of being misrepresented…
We’re taking back OUR word. OUR name.