When the world demands compromise

by | Oct 18, 2012 | Podcast

One of the toughest places for a Christian to be in our post-modern world is on the fence.  When the world pressures us to give an account for why we believe the way way do, or why we take a stand on the issues we do, the temptation for many is to  attempt to appeal to everyone.
We certainly do want to be righteous before God, without being self-righteous to those who don’t know Him. And wouldn’t it be great if we could somehow make the world think that Christians really aren’t that narrow; that we can be the “good and loving” kind of Christians without acting like “those” kind of Christians.

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The reality is, when God asks us to be set apart for Him, it does indeed look strange to those on the outside. And when they ask us about the hard things, like our stand for life or marriage, are we tempted to talk out both sides of our mouths to please man instead of God? As we’ll learn today, many Christian leaders have fallen into that temptation to people please.
Today we referenced this video of Pastor Joel Osteen skating the fence on homosexuality with CNN’s Soledad O’Brien and crew: