16,000 Halloween revelers rock Rick Warren's 'Blocktober'

by | Nov 1, 2012 | Best of!

“Saddleback Church event drew families from throughout Orange County for an evening of fun,” proclaims the Orange County Register:

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LAKE FOREST – Four days after returning from deployment to Afghanistan, Ben Fisher was at Saddleback Church’s mega block party.
Fisher, a Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton as part of the 1st EOD Company, called Wednesday night his “best Halloween ever.”
“I just got back and I’m here with my family,” said the 31-year-old, dressed in green as the Hulk. “And my kids are old enough to enjoy it. It’s a safe place and it’s friendly.”
The Fisher kids, Alyssa, 4, dressed as Thor and Elijah, 3, as Hawkeye. Danielle, their mom, was a black widow.
Church officials estimated that by 7 p.m., 16,000 people from across Orange County took part in Halloween revelry that spread corner-to-corner across the 120-acre Lake Forest campus. As kids collected candy, visitors checked out more than 10 food trucks, a climbing gym, zip lines, obstacle courses and giant bounce houses. Jurassic Parties put on a reptile show complete with tarantulas, snakes and even an alligator.
“It’s a sense of community,” said Rick Warren, pastor of the megachurch. “Not everyone is from Saddleback Church, There are people here from all over Orange County. I’ve met pastors here from other churches. This is a kids’ night that’s safe and fun. Everyone is still a kid.”
Warren sat and took photos with kids in their costumes. He said he’d thought about dressing up as Iron Man but pastor-borokoff-photo-chudecided kids might not want a photo with him in that disguise. Hundreds had their pictures taken with the popular pastor. In some cases he posed with several generations.
Dubbed “Blocktober,” the event is now in its third year. Having fun on Halloween is a Saddleback and Warren tradition. The church, now in its 32nd year, held Halloween parties for 20 years, Warren said. One year, the festivity was even held in a waterbed store. The church skipped a few years of Halloween, but created “Blocktober” three years ago.Jen Vessell, 39, from Aliso Viejo, dressed as Maleficent, an evil witch from “Sleeping Beauty” and drew looks in her black and purple garb. In her arms she carried her daughter, Madeline, 1, dressed as Sleeping Beauty.

Read more here. Of particular interest were the comments from the newspaper’s website version of this article:

How on earth can people be so deceived? If we know Christ, then we know that He told us to have no fellowship with unfruitful works of darkness. This “holiday” is overtly demonic. Even the satanists find it amazing that “Christians” love to celebrate their high day of satanic worship. WAKE UP FOLKS!
A Protestant church promoting Halloween. Hmm…
Messiah Yahushua died to free us from sin and destroy the works of the devil! The only community we are suppose to have is winning the lost by living as Messiah and not joining them in pagan honoring festivities that are an act of worship to the fallen angels and demons. I also do not find rick warren’s teachings to line up with scripture. Just because he’s written books doesn’t mean he’s right.
I was beginning to think Joel and I were the only ones left that hasn’t fallen into the “fun” of halloween! I see it as another way to erode our walk with God!
Also this guy is a universalist who is against nothing and agrees with people who are anti-messiah. Proof is on youtube by his own words and teachings. We must listen to Messiah Yahushua and obey his teachings not any preacher/teacher unless they say the same exact things Messiah taught!. If we don’t test we surely won’t know truth from lies.
This is what happens when satan is allowed in the church, this is an abomination unto God.
Yeah… but Satan makes really fun bounce houses…
Everyone is still a kid? I thought Paul said to put behind you childish things.
The greatest commandment is to Love Yahweh the father and Yahushua the messiah with all our heart, mind, soul, and body. We do this by obeying his instructions and by doing things exactly the way he said to do them. His word declares not to have anything to do with the unfruitfull works of darkness= vampires, witches, warlocks, etc. worship and live for his enemy satan. How is dressing like them promoting Messiah or his teachings of holiness and being set apart to the Father? It promotes that being them is harmless!!! This should never be!