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We live in an ever-changing world, and not all of us like change. But change is what we’ve got. In our world, we see a drastically changing and volitile Middle East as Christians are being murdered for their faith. We’re going to cover that tomorrow. In our nation, we’re now eight days past an election that polarized us, even in the church.   In the first half of our program today, we’re going to talk about how we’re now dealing with the changing leadership landscape in America, and in the second half we’re going to cover the changing and divisive landscape of the Bride of Christ, and take a look at two very different churches some have labelled left and right.

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Here is our definition of so-called Christian “right” and “left,”two words which we think are better coined as Christian conservative and Christian progressive:  Those who are “conservative” tend to believe that the Bible is God’s divine Word and is absolute truth. Christians who are progressive seem to be marginalizing that truth, suggesting that truth is relative, and will often apply human interpretation to the divine Word.
Joining us is political writer Robert Meyer. You can check out his Renew America articles here.
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