Discernment: Where do we go from here?

by | Nov 9, 2012 | Podcast

We’re hearing from people all over the world who are very concerned about the changes they are seeing in Christianity and in their own churches. These trends toward syncretism, or New Age mysticism, or this emergent theology that teaches us to re-shape Jesus into a feel-good purveyor of tolerance toward sin– these false teachings  seem to have infected every denomination of Christianity.
The letters we get are heartbreaking. Men and women want so much to protect our churches and to come alongside our leaders so that this stuff doesn’t get in, or if it has we want to help our leaders get it out. When we’re made out to be contentious rather than a contender for the faith, do we leave or do we try to be a part of the solution? And how can we as discerners or watchmen and women best do that?

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We’re going to talk about this issue of discernment today with someone who has been researching these trends probably just as long if not longer than anyone else. Sarah Leslie’s 20+ years of research has been crucial in providing the facts and connecting the dots if you will to discernment ministries around the world. She is the founder of an online journal called Herescope, published by Discernment Ministries Inc. It’s one of the many resources you’ll find on our website, and many of the guests you hear on our program tell us they couldn’t do what they do without her. Her article, Dominionism and the Rise of Christian Imperialism is a must-read. Check out Sarah’s testimony here.
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