The time we are in right now is ripe for the Body of Christ to point a lost an hurting world to our Savior. Often we think of the Gospel as simply to love God and love others. But this is not the Gospel; Jesus says it is the whole of the law. (A law that He knows we can’t keep, by the way!) The Good News is that we are all made in the image of God, but we are nothing without Him.  As fallen, sinful people we do not deserve His grace.  Even at our best, there is nothing we can ever do to earn an eternity with God.  But the good news is that Jesus Christ paid the punishment for our sins, and when we believe and are convicted to repent, we are forgiven!  He loves us unconditionally; His grace is everything, and it is a free gift.

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Joining us in the first segment today is Christian talk show host and author Carl Gallups. magic-man-in-the-skyHis Florida-based program, Freedom Friday is one of the leading discernment shows on radio.  Carl is senior pastor of Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Florida, and he also hosts of YouTube Christian Apologetics – God and Country channel PPSIMMONS. He has written a book titled The Magic Man in the Sky: Effectively Defending the Christian Faith, released a few months back. You can hear him on Freedom Friday, a podcast interview show.