Future history and the times we’re in

by | Nov 7, 2012 | Podcast, Politics and Faith

America has spoken, and the next four years are taking us in a direction that — however you look at it — does not surprise our God. We have voted to idolize our flesh and throw God under the altar of the golden calf.  Many of our prophets, and Jesus Himself, talked about these things happening as our time in history draws to His return.
Could the election results be a part of those birth pangs? There is a lot of post election talk, and many of you have emailed us your thoughts in the past few hours. We’re going to get to those a little later in the program.

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Today in our first segment, we’re joined by Dr. Hal Seed, a pastor and author of a fascinating book titled Future History: Understanding the Book of Daniel and End Times Prophecy.  He is the founding and lead pastor of New Song Community Church in Oceanside, California.