If you’ve noticed the vast number of websites, blogs, articles and news stories (even a television show), about the topic of “preppers,” today’s program will explain what this phenomenon is all about. Preparing for uncertainties in the future is something many people around the world are doing, as concerns over how to survive without food, water or electricity becomes an increasing concern. Certainly those who did prepare for Hurricane Sandy were able to help those who did not or could not prepare. What is our responsibility as Christians to help our neighbor during disasters or during an economic collapse? What does God’s Word have to say about preppers?

Joining us for today’s discussion is Nancy Lemay and Patrice Lewis. Patrice is a prepper, a blogger and author of the devotional, The Simplicity Primer: 365 ideas for making life more livable. Check out her news articles on World Net Daily and her Blog, Rural Revolution.

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