Brian McLarenWe’ve got a jam-packed program today, including some interesting articles to share with you about how the progressive side of Christianity is going to help “save Jesus” be showing you how to re-imagine Him. It’s a small group DVD series designed to get you questioning your faith, with Brian McLaren leading the voices in these lessons. Unfortunately, the age-old “Did God really say” conjecture is really nothing new under the sun, and is just one of the challenges facing the Church and Christians. It’s part of a bigger issue we’re exploring this whole week on how to share¬† the Gospel in both Truth and Love. Many choose one over the other, but isn’t it “both and?”

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First up though, we need to look at what’s happening in the volatile Middle East, as the situation in Israel is changing by the minute. Our special guest today is Laurie Cardoza Moore, founder of¬†Proclaiming Justice to the Nations (PJTN), a ministry to educate Christian believers about biblical truth as it relates to Israel. Her organization has the ear of the United Nations, and Laurie has been meeting with Israeli officials over the past week.

Articles mentioned today: