Where Does the Church Go From Here?

by | Nov 12, 2012 | Best of!

After a hotly contested election with so much at stake, passions can sometimes boil over and we can lose perspective on things.  If your candidate won you think everything is going to turn out just fine—but if your candidate lost, you tend to think the sky is falling.  As Christians it is crucial we keep things in proper biblical perspective.  So here is my two cents for what it is worth.
America is changing.  Over the past 40 years she has been slowly turning her back on God.  The murder of innocent children; increased sexual immorality; and a turn toward secular humanism is eating at the foundation of this nation that was founded on Judeo Christian principles.  And I am not certain any of that would change regardless of who won the presidential election last week.
Now no doubt the President of the United States wields a lot of power and influence.  But a people will only be led in the direction they want to be led, and it is sadly apparent that many Americans want to be led into a future of increased government and limited biblical authority.  And I don’t know that if we had elected a different president last week that much would have changed on that front.  The United States appears to be on the destructive path of every great civilization since the beginning of the world:  At its apex of power and influence, she begins to be corrupted from within.  Morality wanes and the people become lazy and morally and spiritually bankrupt.  It happened in Old Testament Israel and it is happening in our nation these days.  The Bible tells us that in the final days, evil will be on the rise and there will be a great falling away from the faith.  So the question becomes “Where do we go from here as a church?”
Do we spend a lot of time and energy fighting the culture wars?  Or do we turn our attention inwardly—to ourselves and the church?  Do we just accept that the world is increasingly evil and we cannot stop its march?  Or do we fight even harder in these culture wars?
Sin Will Find You OutInteresting questions, but there is one fact that overrides every one of these questions:  Until we, God’s people, get our act together, nothing will change.  Until the Church returns to biblical truth and stops dancing with secular humanism and moral relativity, things will continue to get worse and worse.  Until we as individual Christians take our walk as disciples of Jesus Christ seriously, nothing will change.
Should we concede that America is increasingly becoming a godless nation?  Or should we fight to help her return to her first love?  Should we try to change the world, or just work on changing ourselves and the church by the power of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit?  Distinct lines are being drawn—the American people are choosing where they come down on the issues of biblical morality versus human morality.  And the only thing I know for sure is this:  I know what I as an individual Christian, and the church as the Bride of Christ, are called to do in God’s Word:  To remain faithful to Him and reject the evil ways of this world.
The fact is that God’s Word tells us the day is coming when the world will unify in its love of evil and hatred of God.  The battle lines are being drawn.  God warns us in the letters to the churches in Revelation what He hates and what He loves.  I think it’s time we start to pay attention to these church letters and decide if we will allow God to purify us and prepare us for the challenges ahead.  How close are we to the days of sorrow and persecution just before the return of our King?  I’m not sure but I think we are a lot closer than many of us want to believe.
Is it wise and profitable to continue to fight the culture wars in a nation where the people seem to have already made up their minds to side with evil over the Word of God?  Or is it time to turn our attention toward preparing the Bride of Christ for her wedding day?  Should our emphasis in the next four years be aimed at fighting against a growing secular humanist culture?  Or should it be spent asking God to purify ourselves and the church, praying she will return to the Word of God?
Questions I think we need to ponder and pray about.