Hope the way the Bible describes it

by | Dec 18, 2012 | Podcast

In the aftermath of the school shooting in Connecticut, the pundits are monopolizing our airwaves, our internet news and the editorial sections, politicizing this tragedy. And we know both the Left and the Right are doing this; the Left calling for tighter gun control and the Right calling for reinstating prayer in schools. But how do we as Christians put this in biblical perspective? We’re going to do that today.
The difference between what we know as “hope” and what the bible tells us about “hope” Hope is not some sort of doubtful optimism nor is it up to chance…Hope is something that is solid and trustworthy.

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Hope That Transcends the Groaning (Romans 8:18-25) John MacArthur
From a worldly perspective, here’s a pop-quiz for you that sounds political, but really isn’t: What if last Friday’s incident in one elementary school happened simultaneously in 158 schools this afternoon?  Twenty-six lives taken times that many schools equates to the number of children aborted every day in the United states.  It’s not politicizing; it’s a pulse check.