In the beginning…

by | Dec 12, 2012 | Education, Podcast

What is Jesus really like? When you think of Him, is he the kind, gentle Lamb? Is He a reigning holy King? A sin-hater? A judge who will separate the goats from the sheep; the wheat from the tares?  The answer is YES. We’re going to spend the next two days looking at the whole picture of Jesus. But first…
Today’s youth are being educated to believe that the Bible is something we shouldn’t talk about in class; that anything to do with Jesus should be kept to ourselves; that the stories from the Book of Genesis should be saved for Sunday School. Their parents struggle to raise them well. And if you are a parent listening today, you are probably wondering how in the world to make sure your children don’t glom onto the secular views in their understanding of who Christ is and why He came.  Fortunately, we’ve got some resources to help you do just that, in an age where a staggering number of Christians are unable to defend their faith in God and His creation.

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With us today in our first segment is Eric Hovind of Creation Today, a Bible-based ministry dedicated to impacting the world to KNOW the Creator — GOD! Creation Today produces some of the most requested resources available on creation, apologetics and evangelism.  Check out, a nice alternative to the lies of the History Channel, Evolution Today, Scientific American and National Geographic.