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How is the secular media, and some in the Church, playing a role in the enemy’s spiritual confusion of Christianity?

A recurring theme you are going to hear in the coming year on SUFTT is how the enemy is moving his chess pieces into position to bring economic and social chaos to our nation and the world, and how the Christian church must stand up and see what is going on, calling out the deception that is taking hold.

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Today in our second segment we start to look at how the secular media, and sadly some in the church, will play a huge role in the spiritual confusion the enemy is trying to bring by downplaying fundamental religion—especially Christianity—in a move to homogenize world religions and neutralize the church.

Leading off our first segment today,  we look at how the enemy is using a good idea—stewardship of the earth—for an evil purpose. We’re joined in our first segment by Dr. Cal Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, who joins us to explain how the greening up of faith, education and the Church will radically change America and lead us to staggering results in our government. Dr. Cal is the author of Resisting the Green Dragon, and was an instrumental resource and interviewee for the new documentary movie, AGENDA: Grinding America Down, a ministry in itself showing how end times prophesies are already playing out and have been for years.