Will Obama allow Sharia Law in America? (12/14 with Eric Barger)

by | Dec 14, 2012 | Podcast | 1 comment

If yoOfficial photographic portrait of US President...u haven’t already heard the amazing interview in which representative Michele Bachmann told radio hosts Jan Markell and Eric Barger that president Barack Obama is determined to “lift up Islamists” and bow to their ultimate demand of imposing Sharia Law on America, we not only have the story below, but today we have with us Eric Barger, who is going to share this shocking claim that is exploding all over the news and the internet.
He is also going to talk with us about whether the Church is ready to react to the so-called “hate-speech” legislation right around the corner.
Eric is from Take a Stand Ministries, and you can hear him on Understanding the Times with Jan Markell.

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Eric’s early years as a record producer and musician lead to a drug habit and took him on a path into New Age spirituality. Until he was turned around by the Truth and transformational love of Jesus Christ. In the years since, Eric has built his life around God’s Word and helps people learn about Him through his research in Christian apologetics.
Eric’s Take A Stand! Ministries confronts both the culture and the Church, focusing on the troubling unbiblical trends and doctrinal issues facing Christians.
Obama Moving To Criminalize Criticism Of Islam
You’ll want to check this brand new video from the Western Center for Journalism. Looks like more people are waking up to the truth:
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