Church at home: Why the "House Church Movement" is growing

by | Jan 24, 2013 | Podcast | 14 comments

churchToday we are going to look at an interesting phenomenon exploding across the United States and the world: The  “Home Church Movement.”  Or as some say, the House Church, or “Simple Church” movement. The idea is for Christians to meet in homes rather than in large church buildings, much like the early Christians did for centuries.

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There are many reasons that people are meeting outside of those buildings, but let’s look at some numbers:
In 2003, there were 1,600 house churches based in the U.S. with official websites online. Those sites are estimated to have quadrupled. In fact there are online resources and Bible studies designed just for home churches.
According to the American pollster George Barna, as many as 30,000 house churches were established as of 2009, and it is estimated  6 – 12 million Americans attend them. Those aren’t easy figures to track, as you can imagine. We know that in places like China and nations in the Middle East the underground church is flourishing even under persecution. But today we’re going to focus on what’s happening closer to home. Are there house churches where you live? Do you attend one? What does that look like, and why is it a better fit for you than a traditional church?
We want to point you to some resources, including a free internet book you can read by Andrew Strom, titled, Out of Church Christians.  Here is a video NBC did on the home church movement, and below that there are other resources and related articles.
I also want to remind our commenters that we do have a comments policy in which we ask for your help in not naming local churches or pastors.

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