Today we’re covering several topics on our program. In our second half, we’re beginning our discussion about what the Bible says about direct revelation from God. There’s been a lot of buzz in Christian news recently about teachers who claim that God gave them a word for all of us. How do we discern whether God is speaking to us through teachers, preachers, book authors and others who are sure they heard God’s voice?

I stand with Planned ParenthoodIn our first segment, we’re talking about some interesting developments in the news. First, Planned Parenthood has released its annual report, setting a new record high for the number of abortions performed in fiscal 2011 and 2012, and how much it cost taxpayers. This organization performed 333,964 abortions; 1 murder every 94 seconds. That’s an increase of 5,000 more murders than it performed in 2010. No word on how many deaths for 2012.


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Joining us in this first segment is political writer Robert Meyer, a writer for Renew America. You can check out his articles here.