Is Steven Furtick the new Prosperity Guru?

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Positive Confession, Word of Faith, Prosperity Gospel. All of these names have been connected to a gospel that gives humans the power and control over a genie-type god we can manipulate if only we _______.  Ten months ago, we reported that popular North Carolina pastor Steven Furtick was dipping a toe into the Signs and Wonders movement overseas in his “Presence” conference that promised a firestorm anointing in Australia. The event promised (but didn’t actually deliver) a  “golden fire of anointing, vision and miracles.”

Pastor Furtick is an interesting blend of several movements of the Church. He is also a guru in the Church Growth Movement. As he has grown in stature headlining at venues like Willow Creek’s Global Leadership Summit and last winter’s Code Orange “revival,” he’s been getting a lot more attention and is seen as the Christian pastor of this generation. And this year he has big plans on the speaking circuit, joining with his pastor Craig Groeschel, will be sharing the platform at this Twelve Conference with both Rick Warren and Bill Hybels, two of the biggest gurus associated with the Church Growth Movement.  Ken Silva over at Apprising Ministries has connected the dots in some of the statements and teachings Pastor Furtick has made recently:

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So what of the Word of Faith movement, and how exactly is pastor Furtick growing as a leader of the Word of Faith movement? Already, the Sun Stand Still author (and soon-to-be-released book, Greater), is encouraging people to engage in confessional rituals like the ones Benny Hinn, Joel Osteen and the Copelands use, teaching that speaking the word of God “activates” faith and then enables God to act in your life. (Scripture nowhere teaches this.) A Little Leaven has a little fun with this video, as Furtick’s man in the mirror confessions sound eerily like a Saturday Night Live character.

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