discipleWhy do we do what we don’t want to do, and don’t do what we should do? It’s a question of “doo.”

Sin is messy, no doubt. And for the Christian on a journey, we all want to put this issue of sin in its proper perspective. Some say we sin because we believe wrong things. But the Bible says we sin because of the fall of man in the Garden of Eve, and we are separated from Him. But it also says in Romans 5, 6 and 7 that when we repent and have faith, we are no longer a slave to our sin but a slave to Jesus’ righteousness.  That said, I found a fascinating article ripe (sorry!) for discussing over at Kevin Kleint’s blog, Honor of Kings, and have reprinted it in part with permission:

It’s Cute When the Baby Makes a Mess

By Kevin Kleint, Honor Of Kings

The following comparison may be rather crude to some of you (and I apologize ahead of time, if it is) but I believe that it expresses the Father’s viewpoint rather well.

Sinning is very similar to pooping our pants.

Come on, don’t cringe … let’s think about it for just a few minutes.

When we were babies, this happened quite frequently … in fact, several times a day. After this mortifying event occurred, the only thing that we could do is just sit there and cry about it because, after all, we were babies … what else could we do? Very soon after hearing our desperate plea for help, one of our parents (most likely our mother) would come in and change the diaper, gently reassuring us that everything was alright, maybe even cooing and joking about it.

Can you hear it in your mind? … “Oh Lookie! The baby made a poo poo! You’re so cute! Oh yes, you are!” And we would lay there on the changing table, smiling, knowing that mom (or dad) had it all taken care of. They would be there for us to fulfill our every desire. All we had to do was cry (or scream).

Wasn’t that a wonderful life?

That is what a “baby Christian’s” life is like. Even though they frequently sin, the Father treats them with an abundance of patience and mercy, with little or no consequence. The Father knows that they are only babies … their knowledge and ability is limited and they are very tender at that stage in their development.

As believers, we should mimic this behavior with “baby Christians”. If we abuse, or are harsh to, spiritual infants, God sees us in the same way that we see a child abuser.

Dirty Diaper? Are You Kidding Me?

TeenagerUnfortunately, all good things must end and all cute babies must grow. It’s a fact of life. Mental and emotional growth may not happen, but physical growth is usually a “given”.

Now bear with me. Imagine a scenario where your teenager walks up to you, looks you right in the eyes … and then proceeds to poop his/her pants. What would you feel?

Not only that, but after your beloved child performs the deed, he/she has the audacity to sit down in the middle of the mess and start crying and screaming for you to help. Would you act the same as when they were babies?

  • Would you coo and giggle about it?
  • Would you say, “Oh Lookie! You made a poopie!”
  • Would you pat him on the head and say, “It’s OK Junior, I’ll go get you another diaper. Just go lay down on the changing table and I’ll clean you up!”

… I would hope not ….

If I may be so bold, I believe you would feel utter revulsion and disgust! I mean, this poo poo is no longer baby poo poo!

I would hope that there would be a consequence for Junior’s actions. Junior knows full well that you don’t poop your pants, he’s gone PAST that stage.

OK, I know this scenario seems a “tad” overboard, but I believe it’s what the Father feels as we grow older in our journey towards becoming like Messiah. These VERY basic transgressions must become fewer and farther between … eventually being eliminated altogether.  (Read the rest here)