Letter: Youth group "Monk Night" and hearing God

by | Jan 7, 2013 | Best of!

We get letters from listeners around the nation and the world, telling us their heartbreaking stories of some of the ways New Age mysticism has infiltrated their local churches. I’ve been corresponding with a mom from a northwestern state, who has been struggling with some paradigm shifts in what they thought was a solid, Christ-centered megachurch. She has given me permission to reprint her letter here, with the hopes it may encourage others to know they are not alone in their plight:

Dear Amy and Mike,
This week, the youth group sent an email announcing this week’s theme, “Monk Night,” a night to learn the spiritual disciplines of silence and solitude. Knowing these are buzz words for Contemplative Spirituality prompted a discussion with our 13 and 11-year-old sons. My husband and I thought about keeping him home, but decided since he is a very wise kid, that we would warn him to be on the look-out.
We talked about the links to New Age and medieval Catholic mysticism, and how “opening yourself up to the silence” is an easy vehicle for Satanic influence. This prompted a heart-felt question from the 11 year old: “How DO you know when you are hearing from God when you pray?”
I answered that God speaks to us through His word, but struggled for a solid answer on specific prayer requests.  I do know that God is still at work supernaturally today, but am so skittish about experiential Christianity, that I am at a loss.  I also know that WE cannot claim every promise of God in the Bible for ourselves, as they were made to specific people….Since it is now apparent that virtually ever widely-known pastor and teacher has real doctrinal problems, or is at least dipping a toe into the pool of Apostasy (“the water is fine! come on in!”) I don’t know what else to tell them. Can you help, or suggest some writers in whom you have confidence?  They are so hungry for truth, and we so desperately wan to give solid answers.
Thanks for all you do,

Unfortunately, we see too many of these letters, laced with pain of betrayal, and the apprehension over what to do next. After much prayer, this couple did reach out to the pastor of this large church, as well as to their small group. And they did find a new church fellowship in their community with solid biblical teachings, where they are hearing from God through His Word.