What is the state of the Church in 2013?

by | Jan 2, 2013 | Podcast

Boston - Back Bay: Trinity Church (aerial)
Today we begin to explore the state of the Church in 2013. This year promises to be shaky. What we mean by that is simply that the Bride of Christ is continuing to be shaken by a number of crisis points spiritually, morally and financially from the outside world and from within her own walls.  Will only a remnant survive this shaking? And if so, how can you help your church body prepare?
In our program today you are going to hear from some well-known pastors and how they’re preparing spiritually for what some are saying will be a defining year in Christianity.  We’re going to start with the financial side. In our first segment, Doug Wakefield joins the conversation. Doug is a financial thought leader for 25 years and President of Best Minds, Inc.

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