Church underground?

by | Feb 13, 2013 | Persecution, Podcast

The Christian Martyrs' Last PrayerWe’re seeing the persecution of Christians around the world increase at a stunning rate.  How close are we to seeing Christianity forced under ground in the west, here at home? Should we resist it or not?
We know what you must be thinking: “You’re just fear-mongering. That’s not going to happen in our nation.”
But the Bible says there will be worldwide persecution of Christians in end times. So while we in our comfy homes and beautiful church buildings take life in stride, the truth is that persecution is already happening in America, Canada and other places that you might think are untouchable.

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How could this happen here? Because we’re setting it up to accelerate the inevitable:

  • We are ignorant of the prominent Christian leaders supporting and coordinating a worldwide blending of all religions.
  • We accept Islam as a “religion of peace” and turn a deaf ear to evidence that it is not.
  • We’ve embraced a watering down of fundamental Christianity.
  • We’re moving away from doctrine and facts to a faith of feelings and experience.

It’s happening on the Left, and it’s happening on the Right. Why? Because it must. Are you ready?