Has the Gospel been shown the door?

by | Feb 20, 2013 | Podcast

We live in a time when the Good News of Jesus has been increasingly marginalized by The Church. It’s a trend that is very concerning to us. There are those who have either re-shaped the Gospel to mean God loves us as we are, without explaining how He loves us, or they avoid the Gospel all together, saying that the atonement –what Christ did on the cross to propitiate our sins- is not what Christians should be focusing on today.
If you think we sound like a broken record about this, we unapologetically will continue to drive this point home: that a Gospel-free sermon regenerates no one, and that we’re going to go another step further and ask that you do what you can to make sure the Gospel is shared from every pulpit, every time. Because if I am still steeped in my sins, unrepentant without knowing who Jesus is, and I’ve just sat through your sermon series on how to have a good marriage or how to feed the hungry, I am still going to Hell when I die.

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What is the Gospel? You can get a perfect summary of it in 1 Corinthians 15:1-11. It is the message that starts in Genesis: That we are born sinners into a sin-filled world at odds with God. He gave us the perfect Law, which man, unable to keep, needed the blood sacrifice of the perfect lamb to atone for sin. Jesus, God in the flesh, is that lamb. He came to earth as a sinless sacrifice, whose blood on the cross atoned for our sins and the punishment we deserve. He rose from the grave and appeared to hundreds of witnesses, who saw Him ascend to heaven, and those witnesses have been sharing that Good News ever since, that those who believe in Him and repent of their sins can be reconciled to God forever. It is through Christ alone that we are offered Mercy and Grace.  You can’t “live out” the Gospel; only Jesus does this.Only In His perfect sacrifice, He exchanges His righteousness for our Sin.
Joining us in our first segment today is Eric Barger. Eric’s Take A Stand! Ministries confronts both the culture and the Church, focusing on the troubling unbiblical trends and doctrinal issues facing Christians.