How do we prepare our kids for life beyond the classroom, and their youth group? And how do we persuade them to not become a part of the staggering statistic: that the majority of youth leave the church and their faith after graduating high school?  In our second half, we’re going to share some first-hand research in an excellent article from the MarcFiveSolas blog, written not based on speculation but on hundreds of interviews with college students.

First up, we’re talking about how we’ve flip-flopped the Gospel to enhance our self esteem. Let that sink in for a moment, because we’re going to explain. Self esteem has been a catchword since the 1970s as part of the political-correctness movement, and over the past two decades we’ve seen the Church become saturated with self esteem lingo, especially aimed at our youth. Is self esteem biblical? Our guest in the first segment says no.

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Vickie Schwahn a local volunteer teacher at Zion Lutheran Church and school in Wayside, joins us to share what she has learned about this fascinating subject. For information on the local Biblical Self Esteem workshop March 2, call 920-864-2468.