Notre Dame Historian: Early Christian Persecution a Myth

by | Feb 25, 2013 | Best of!

myth_of_persecution-620x412Many people tell us that one of the worst places to send your high school graduate to college is…college. And these days so-called “Christian” universities are teaching all sorts of strange theologies, like Jesus Was A Muslim, and now this:  The Romans did not target, hunt or massacre Jesus’ followers, says a “historian” of the early church, in a new book titled, The Myth of Persecution: Early Christians weren’t persecuted.
So much for Fox’s Book of Martyrs.
Candida Moss, professor of New Testament and early Christianity at the University of Notre Dame, challenges what she calls “the Sunday school narrative of a church of martyrs, of Christians huddled in catacombs out of fear, meeting in secret to avoid arrest and mercilessly thrown to lions merely for their religious beliefs.” She says it’s all made up. and that in the 300 years between the death of Jesus and the conversion of the Emperor Constantine, there were about a dozen years during which Christians were singled out for “suppression” by Rome’s imperial authorities. “Christians were never,” Moss writes, “the victims of sustained, targeted persecution.”
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