Two new ambiguous God books for Rob Bell

by | Feb 24, 2013 | Best of!

English: Rob Bell at the 2011 Time 100 gala.
Gird your loins. Coming in March, Rob Bell will once again be the topic of much discussion as he unleashes two new books about God on Christendom: Love Wins: For Teens (a follow-up to his highly-controversial and universalist book, Love Wins),and What We Talk About When We Talk About God are both coming out March 12.
Here is the trailer in Love Wins: For Teens, in which he talks about how Jesus explained God in terms of a party, and why that is such an important lesson to learn: “If God threw a party, would everyone be invited? Would you?”

Amazon already has this one listed as the No. 2 bestseller for the Spirituality category as people are flocking to these ear-tickling messages.
In What We Talk About, the “behind the scenes” trailer about why Bell wrote this book is even more confusing. He says, “the book is essentially, God is not behind us dragging us backwards into some primitive, regressive state. God has always been ahead of us pulling us forward into greater and greater peace, integration, wholeness and love.”