Voddie Baucham – What the Gospel Is, and What it is Not

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I found this excerpt from the agnus dei – english + romanian blog:

One of the best lessons in what the Gospel is and is not comes from Pastor Voddie Baucham. It is excellent and worth the watch.
In some ways the Gospel has become a fad…. there are those that speak much about the Gospel, but, when they say Gospel, they don’t mean what the Bible means by Gospel. There are those who love hearing so much Gospel talk, because to them, the Gospel is the means, to them, by which God levels the socio economic playing field in the world. And so, when they say Gospel, when they celebrate Gospel, they are celebrating the social Gospel.
Image from the Book of Kells, a 1200 year old ...There are other. When they hear Gospel, they are excited about that, because for them the Gospel is all the moral teaching of Jesus. And, so they celebrate a form of legalism. There are others who are more subtle in their form of legalism. Because, when they hear Gospel, they simplify the Gospel. There’s phrase, there’s a mantra that is going around now, that is presumed to be a simplification of the Gospel. And it is “Love God, Love People”. The irony here could not be greater. “Love God, love people” is actually an abbreviation of Jesus’s teaching on the greatest commandments.
Here’s the great irony. “Jesus, what is the greatest commandment?” It was a legitimate question, a legitimate argument, and some have argued that the first commandment was the greatest commandment. And then, all the others rested on the first commandment. Some have argued that the fifth commandment was the greatest, because it was the bridge between the first and second tables of the law. Others have argued that the tenth commandment, in, coveting, was the greatest commandment, because ultimately, all of your sins arises out of your coveting. So, “Jesus, what is your greatest commandment?” Is he going to say 1, is He going to say 5, or 10?” And, Jesus looks at them and says, “You shall love the Lord your God, with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind- which, by the way is your summary of the first table of the law. “Jesus, what is your greatest commandment?” “I’m going to have to say 1 through 4.” Then, the other shoe drops. He says, “The second is like it. Love your neighbor as yourself,” which is the summary of the second table of the law.
So, here’s how the conversation went, “Jesus, which commandment is the greatest commandment?” His response, “I’m going to have to say 1 through 4; followed closely by 5 through 10.” Folks. this ubiquitous saying “Love God, Love People” is actually a summary of the law. The whole law. It’s not the Gospel at all. It’s what the Gospel freed us from, and to.
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