Warren Smith: Watering the Greyhound Garden

by | Feb 14, 2013 | Best of!, New Age, Podcast | 4 comments


Warren B. Smith

Today we have a special treat for you, and being Valentine’s day we are doing something just a little different.
Our guest today is a long-time friend of Stand Up For The Truth, Warren Smith. You may know Warren from his powerful testimony about how he spent 20 years in the New Age, dabbling in everything from spirit guides to transcendental meditation before understanding the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and becoming born again. You may have read his books about New Age Christianity like A “Wonderful” Deception, Deceived on Purpose, or False Christ Coming: Does Anybody Care?

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But before he was a Christian, and even before he was deceived by the New Age teachings, Warren ministered to some of the most down and out, destitute human beings ever to pass through the San Francisco Greyhound Bus Terminal. It was his first job out of college, as a Travelers Aid social worker, and he has written a book about these precious souls titled  Watering the Greyhound Garden: Stories from the Streets of San Francisco. (If it is still out of stock, you can order it directly at 800.247.6553.)
It’s a great and heartwarming book for those who are on the front lines of street ministry. We’re also going to talk about what Warren is seeing in the New Age Christianity trends. you can check out more articles by Warren Smith, and if you want to hear Warren’s testimony about the New Age, listen to these past podcasts from our archives: