Need to research about Yoga and whether Christians have any business practicing this Hindu-based practice? Here is a great place to start studying up, from the folks over at the Lighthouse Trails blog:

Yoga for children is exploding! Children are being introduced to it everywhere you turn. All you have to do is check out the news, and you can’t miss it, such as this article, “Yoga for Kids Trend Sweeping Northcentral Wisconsin,” where the article admits that “yoga for kids” is sweeping not just Wisconsin but the entire nation. And it is sweeping Canada too. Below are a few of the countless sightings of yoga for children in the news lately. Why do we show you this? Because it is important to see that mysticism is going to be a very “normal” part of life for the upcoming generations of young adults. And the implications of this will be staggering to an already out of control world.


Edmonton, AB: The Family That Cobras Together

Victoria, BC:Yoga for Kids and Families

Winnipeg, MB: Prairie Roots Yoga for Kids and the Whole Family!

Saskatoon, SK: Yoga for Kids 6-8 Years Old

Ontario: Rainbow Kids Yoga


Camarillo, California: Youngsters, moms share benefits from yoga

New Jersey: Yoga offered for developmentally disabled students

Nationwide: National Yoga-Recess-Day Brings Mind/Body Fitness to Children

Cincinnati, OH: OMYA Studio incorporates music into yoga classes for kids, adults

Reading, PA: YogiDance program teaches youngsters ages 3 to 12 that exercise can be fun

Philiadelphia, PA: Preschoolers, the youngest yogis

Oceanside, CA: Yoga for Kids and Parents Event

Nationwide: Yoga for kids: How to get your Zen on with your whole family

Nationwide (by Disney): Toddler Yoga: YES

Juneau, AK: Various “Yoga for Kids” events

Boston, MA: Yoga for Babies

Cleveland, OH: New club helps students unwind

Coon Rapids, MN: Hundreds from community learn value of living well

San Antonio, TX: Yoga for children classes

Orleans, MA: Yoga part of Orleans Elementary’s healthy living focus

Portland, OR: Yoga for kids and families: Options are increasing in Portland area

Kirkland, WA: Yoga for kids

Boulder, CO: Yoga for Kids and Teens

Oakland County, MI: Happy Yoga Classes for Children

Virginia Beach, VA: Yoga Classes for kids

To understand the significance of this exposion in meditation, read Warren B. Smith’s book, False Christ Coming: Does Anybody Care? Also read Mike Oppenheimer’s article: “Christian Yoga, A Great Compromise.”