Baptist University to Offer Sex Reassignment Surgery

by | Mar 21, 2013 | Homosexual Agenda

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Brown University Robinson Hall

The faith of the founders of major Christian universities is being infected with the yeast of a progressive agenda, and that yeast is now spreading to more:

Brown University was founded in 1764 by a group of Baptist ministers. It has held its commencement services in First Baptist Church of Providence, Rhode Island (the first Baptist church in America) since 1776. Now it has become the 37th American college to include “sex reassignment surgeries” in its student health care plans.
Yale is considering the same decision. The university was founded by colonial clergymen in 1701. Its motto, “Light and Truth,” was chosen because “the Institution felt that a proper education consisted of both the ‘Light’ of a liberal education and the ‘Truth’ of religious tradition.” Now Yale is covering gender reassignment surgery for its employees and may soon extend this coverage to its student body.