Dr. Mehmet Oz, the man who helped design and launch Saddleback church’s Daniel Plan with Rick Warren, wants to know if the Bible is the “holy grail” of health. While he, himself is not a professed Christian, yesterday’s March 27 2013 of the Dr. Oz program asked a lot of interesting questions. From his website:

Have you ever wondered what Jesus ate and if He was healthy? If you know, would it change the way you live your own life?

Do you read the Bible? Do you follow the teachings of Jesus? Have you ever wondered what He ate and if He was healthy? If you knew He was healthy would you want to be more like Him? If you have wondered about any of this the next episode of Dr. Oz is for you! “What Do We Know About Jesus’ Health” will answer all of your questions and you might learn more than you expected. Maybe some of what you hear will surprise you and maybe it will make a lot of sense, but one thing is for sure – Dr. Oz has the answers you have been waiting for! Could the Bible actually be the Holy Grail for living a healthy life? Come back soon to find out! It might just change the way you live your own life.
Dr Oz: What Did Jesus Eat?Millions of people follow the teachings of Jesus, but what do we really know about how He lived, and more importantly, what do we really know about His health? If you knew what Jesus ate would you change your own diet so you could be more like Him? Dr. Oz is revealing the fascinating truth about what Jesus ate and how He lived his life, and you can bet it did not involve a microwave oven. Dr. Oz is going to share the staple foods that Jesus ate on a regular basis! Could those foods and the Holy Bible be the Holy Grail to help you live a longer life? Dr. Oz is not sure how they knew the secret to longevity 2,000 years ago, but he says we are figuring it out again today and he is going to share it with you on the next episode of the Dr. Oz Show!