Her baby’s feet

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Podcast

Baby feetSo many women and girls have faced the fear and despair over an unplanned pregnancy.  What happens when you’re 17, pregnant and overcome with the feeling that there is no other way out but than to make it go away?  That’s exactly how many girls feel. They don’t understand that their “mistake” is a real live baby from the very start.  Coming up in a few minutes we are going to meet Sheila Luck, who knows exactly what these young women are experiencing, because she was in their shoes.

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She’s written a book titled, My Baby’s Feet: Choice, Death and the Aftermath, all about how she stuffed the memories of her own abortion experience, and what happened later in life when she understood from a biblical standpoint what her choices meant. How did she find forgiveness, and how can you, if you’ve had an abortion? Sheila is an author, an attorney, and and advocate for life. She will be here to talk about this.
Sheila and her publisher are making copies available for free – you pay only a small postage fee –  through Elizabeth Ministries. Click here to access the website, or stop by their office at 120 W. 8th Street in Kaukauna, Wis.
Here is a video of Sheila:

But first, an update on the History Channel’s miniseries The Bible. We’ve noticed something missing from an episode that hasn’t aired yet. In fact it will air next week: The Last Supper. What’s missing from the table talk?