Pastor Parsley zip-lines to pulpit over cheering congregants

by | Mar 25, 2013 | Best of!

Is it a bird? Is it Tom Cruise? No, it is a pastor!  Rod Parsley of World Harvest Church is raising some eyebrows by releasing this now-viral video of himself zip lining through the air over his cheering congregation, and landing onto his pulpit. His band is playing the “Mission Impossible” theme music to kick off its “Mission Possible” sermon series leading into Easter. If you send him your email, Parsley sends you a “voucher” for a free gift when you visit his church.
Says the owner of the video and the church camera operator:  “We are on a mission to bring unsaved ppl into the tabernacle for Easter so they can receive Jesus. Y’all could try praying for our efforts instead of being so ignorant! Be part of the solution! Not the problem!!”
World Harvest Church serves 12,000 people. It started out as a home church in someone’s backyard in Ohio.
So is this another example of tomfoolery designed to entertain goats, or a real move of the Holy Spirit to save people on Resurrection Sunday?
WAIT! Don’t answer yet until you know the rest of the story. Rod Parsley preaches that he can infuse the Holy Spirit into a prayer cloth that you can PURCHASE for your own miracle healings, “for the release of your faith.” How much for the cloth? “It’s an expression of your faith. For some it’s $25, for some it’s $50, for some it’s $100, or $500, or $1,000,” exclaims Parsley. “Make your seed the expression of your expectation!”
Of course, Pastor Parsley is not the only doing this.  Check out this article to see who else is preaching these “miracles” for money.