Studio surprise? Rick Warren pops in on Pastor's Perspective

by | Mar 1, 2013 | Best of! | 3 comments

Twenty minutes into their live Pastor’s Perspective program on Wednesday, host Don Stewart and Calvary Pastor Chuck Smith seemed surprised when Rick Warren walked into the studio and took a seat:

Don Stewart: Uh, Chuck, we’ve got someone sitting in your left, and perhaps the TV cameras catch him, do you want to introduce him to our studio audience out there?

Chuck:  Yes, I noticed he just came and uh, what a thrill, and a blessing to see him here today, a uh, co-pastor as far as the church of God is concerned…and down in the south part of the county and we’ve watched from the time they’ve opened their doors, and God is using them to reach the world in a very wonderful way, and its just a blessing to have to have Rick Warren in the studio today.

Here is the link to the program.

Don Stewart:  So you’re just in the neighborhood?

Rick Warren:  We’re just coming through, and I wanted to stop by and see Pappa Chuck here and tell him how much I love him and let him know I’m praying for his health.

(Pastor Chuck’s lung cancer is in remission)

As you can see by the above Instagram photo and his tweets, Rick Warren has been making it known that this fellowship is a strong bond:
warren tweet
Some listeners have been bothered by Rick Warren’s appearance, as Lighthouse Trails reports. And questions to Pastor’s Perspective have gone unanswered.
But I’m told Calvary Church will soon put out a statement to answer those concerns, which we will share.