What multi-million dollar Christian conferences don’t do

by | Mar 14, 2013 | Podcast


Blog post from the Catalyst 2013 site.


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Every year, we see the posters, the web invitations and listen to the latest buzz around innovative, cutting-edge leadership conferences for Christians. Among the popular ones: Catalyst, Elevate, Women of Faith, Code Orange, Global Leadership Summit, and so many more. You would think that these conferences would be powerful tools to focus our generation on what God said is the most important thing as we prepare the Bride of Christ for the days ahead. Are these multi-million dollar conferences doing that equipping, or something else?
Plus later we’ll tell you how a new Bible can make this journey all about you.
Here is the core mission of the biggest conference in Christendom: Catalyst. Their beautiful promotional poster arrived in my mailbox a few weeks ago. A truly stunning layout with the most beautiful graphics you’ve ever seen. On the front in large letters it says, “GO AND MAKE…” and when you open it up, the word Disciples is nowhere to be found. Instead, the key word is “CHANGE AGENTS.” Something else you don’t see in their poster or thier website: The Gospel of Christ. The message of sin and repentance and hope through what He did on the Cross, and his resurrection.
Here is the Catalyst charge:

Shaping Leaders in the Church
The core vision of Catalyst has always been to impact the next generation. By creating “change agents” throughout the church that possess wisdom and understanding, the opportunity is created to usher in the necessary adjustments to an ever-evolving church.
By helping these leaders grow in their leadership ability – Catalyst can have impact on an entire generation. We have a high belief in the impact that one changed life can have on another and therefore focus our efforts towards personal change with a community application.
Catalyst sees a need to ignite and unite the next generation of leaders allowing their passions and gifts to flourish and have maximum impact in our churches and culture.

Hear us when we say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with equipping Christian leaders to lead. But lead for what purpose?