Zombies in church this Easter

by | Mar 28, 2013 | Best of!

“Attractional” is once again the buzz word at many seeker-mergent churches this Easter weekend. All kinds of crazy stunts will once again be pulled to get people to come to church. We’ve seen everything from circus acts to superheroes to pirates in the past.  But instead of a beautiful Gospel message of Jesus’ death, resurrection and forgiveness, church attendees are treated to the latest and greatest movie trailers and whatever else tickles the fancy. And nothing says Easter like Zombies.
Over the last several weeks, CrossPoint Community Church has inserted the walking dead into its sermons, and this weekend promises to be epic. But is this culturally-relevant church taking coolness too far?

“We take familiar concepts and make it possible to look at them with fresh eyes,” said Frank Hart, Worship Arts and Creative Director at CrossPoint. “We want the look and feel of our message series to be provocative and attractional,” he said.

CrossPoint says it “feels it is tapping into something that is making the culture tick.”

It seems the people of CrossPoint are not alone in making connections between zombies and Jesus. There are entire websites devoted to the subject, like ZombieTheology.com, whose creator says, “there are many parallels between zombie lore and Christian theology. The first concept that a person must deal with is the fact that they are actually dead without God,” said Knox. “They are living, but they are dead.”
Okay, I get that. But it’s silly. And quite frankly, it borders on disrespectful. What ever happened to simply preaching God’s Word, without the tricks?