A former Mason shares his testimony

by | Apr 25, 2013 | Podcast | 2 comments


Duane Washum

There are a lot of Masons who attend Christian churches of every denomination. Masons number around six million worldwide, with nearly two million in the United States.  What is Free Masonry, where did it come from, and is it religious in nature, or just another fraternity of people who gather to do good works in their communities?
Today we are going to explore this topic with someone who once was a Free Mason before coming to know the truth about the Gospel and the nature of Christ. We ask as you hear his testimony that you are sensitive to those whom you may know who are involved with the Masons or its sister organization Eastern Star.

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Duane Washum’s testimony is powerful, and as he has come to know the difference between Christianity and what the Masons teach about Christ and salvation, he works tirelessly to minister through his organization,  Ex-Masons for Jesus. There is a sister organization for women and girls (Eastern Star, International Order of Rainbow for Girls, etc.) as well, called Rooftop Ministries.