"Jesus in the Quran" conference promotes "Isa" as Jesus

by | Apr 29, 2013 | Islam

Eric Barger recently told of his experience with a “Jesus in the Quran” conference, during a program we air on this radio station called Understanding the Times with Jan Markell. If you missed the interview, I highly recommend checking out the podcast of Apostasy’s Results: The Scattering of the Sheep.
Markell and Barger tackled the continuing demise of evangelical Christianity, alerting listeners of another denomination biting the dust due to post modernism and Emergent philosophy. Also discussed is Barger’s recent experience at yet another Emergent-based conference, “Jesus and the Quran,” which promotes the notion that Allah is Jehovah and “Isa” (the Muslim Jesus) is actually Jesus Christ of the Bible.

Resources and Links Mentioned During This Program: