The loving thing to do

by | Apr 30, 2013 | Podcast

In the past several months the attacks against the truth of God’s Word have increased at a rate we never could have imagined. Think about that for a moment. When we first started doing this program two-and-a-half years ago that verbiage, “attack against God’s truth” sounded so harsh and unloving. But as we’ve begun to shine a light on these events happening against the Church and sadly from within the Church as well, that phrase no longer sounds unfair or unloving. In fact it is unloving for Christians NOT to be made aware of these events. And if the Church would do this, we wouldn’t need programs like Stand Up For The Truth and others.

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No matter what we need to bring to the light, we’re going to continue to point you to the Holy Scriptures as absolute truth, the very breathed-out Word of God Himself given to the saints once and for all. Later in the program, we are going to talk about spiritual brokenness. It’s not the same concept as “working on your sins.” We’re talking about the difference.
But first, we do need to share some headlines with you to bring you up to speed.