The Narrow Path and the Broad Way

by | Apr 23, 2013 | Education, Podcast

English: Narrow path
Are you on the narrow path, or the broad way? In our second half, “The Narrow Gate,” covering a John MacArthur commentary. We’re asking you to consider two systems of religion in our world. One is God’s system of divine accomplishment, which is really no religion at all, but an abiding faith in God’s grace by what He did through Jesus’ death for our sins and His resurrection. The other system is one of human achievement. One points to what Christ did; the other points to the champion in you.
But first, the news headlines point to increasing concerns about political agendas taught in schools, and the choices parents have in how to educate our children. In our first segment, what about school choice? Robert Meyer will be here to explain.

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Robert writes for Renew America, and his latest article is, “School choice” threatens ideological hegemony.