Plumb bob suspended on a string, photo cropped...

Plumb bob suspended on a string

Leadership in Christianity seems to be taking an interesting turn. In the past, leaders were able to make tough choices based on conviction and standards, but today our leaders are increasingly under more pressure to compromise on those standards as our cultural times change.  We worry that the truth will offend people and chase them away from Jesus. But truth isn’t just what you or I think it is; it’s what God says it is in His Word. It’s that plumb bob that always points us straight.

Dave Wager joins us today to talk about Christian leadership. Dave is the author of several books and the  president of Silver Birch Ranch and Nicolet Bible Institute in northern Wisconsin. Dave is also the president of a ministry called The Omega Force, a catalyst that helps Christians learn the Word of God through college-level courses that anyone can take online.

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