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Today we’re asking, “who owns your children?”  If you think that your kids are the sole responsibility of you and your spouse, there is a growing crescendo of progressive thought that it should be the collective, the government, that ultimately owns them.

You may have heard the recent news story of the MSNBC anchorwoman who told the world in a news promo that your kids don’t belong to you:

We want to hear your thoughts. We’re also going to be talking about the Bible and questions you often hear, like “Who decided what books go in the Bible,” and, “When will Jesus return?” you may have had those questions yourself!

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Today in our first segment, we’re joined by Dr. Hal Seed, a pastor and author of a fascinating book titled The Bible Questions: Shedding Light on the World’s Most Important Book. He has also written, Future History: Understanding the Book of Daniel and End Times Prophecy. He is the founding and lead pastor of New Song Community Church in Oceanside, California and has a ministry called