World ClocksThe time clock is ticking, and we are looking at end-times prophecy being fulfilled before our eyes. If you aren’t “into” prophecy matters in your faith, you are not alone. Many evangelical churches have abandoned prophecy altogether, and in fact are teaching a very different view of end times than what the Bible speaks of.  Today we’re going to draw a parallel between the seeker-driven, kingdom-now focus many post-modern churches teach to those stodgy old teachings of the Bible’s prophets.

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With us today is Mary Danielsen, a watcher and reporter on today’s headlines. We’re going to talk about these news events, and there’s something else we need to talk with Mary about: One of the signs of a church becoming emergent is the changing views regarding Israel’s role in Bible prophecy. We shared an eye-opening article this week titled, “Calvary Chapel Breached about the growing concerns that a Calvary Chapel church in California is teaming up with leaders of a pro-Palestinian agenda including Lynne Hybels  (wife of Willow Creek, Bill Hybels and co-partner with Jim Wallis). Obviously this movement is of huge concern to Calvary Chapels around the nation. Mary is part of a solid Bible-teaching CC here in Wisconsin and later will share some thoughts about that. She shares this on her The Things to Come blog.