US Navy 090326-N-8878B-021 Members assigned to...It appears that we are in the midst of increasing worldwide conflict. With wars, rumors of wars, terrorist threats and our safety decreasing, we know that the world is less safe. And Christians are increasingly becoming targets around the globe. Today we have to ask, as we become less secure, are we more sure of the hope we have in Jesus and His gospel message?

Are we sharing the hope we have, and if so, what is it?  Is it the promise of wealth, health and our victory, or is it in His victory over death, and the mercy Christ offers to those who trust in His shed blood for a full pardon of our sins?

In our first segment, we’re going to talk about where persecution is happening with someone who can give us some real Washington insider insight.  Joining us by phone is national security expert Ryan Mauro, founder of The Clarion,, and and an intelligence analyst with the Asymmetric Warfare and Intelligence Center. Ryan has done extensive research for the Reform Party of Syria, a group dedicated to bringing democracy to that country. In 2005, he published his first book, Death to America: The Unreported Battle of Iraq, about the conflict in the Middle East.

Ryan has provided our listeners with a free DVD of the movie, Obsession. Just go to THIS LINK and type in the password “LeMay.”

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Ryan has appeared on dozens of radio and TV shows, including the Left’s Al Franken Show and the Right’s Laura Ingraham Show. He’s a frequent guest speaker at venues such as the prestigious Intelligence Summit, has broken front-page stories on Internet news Web sites, and has had articles widely published in media outlets such as Pajamas Media, FrontPage Magazine, and the peer-reviewed journal, Middle East Quarterly. Check out Ryan’s Blog.