Pastors who "stay the course"

by | May 14, 2013 | Podcast

English: A church near Nadi Airport, Fiji
How does mysticism and progressivism come into biblically-sound church bodies? Many case studies show that it begins creeping into a denomination through seminaries, colleges, and universities, and in time reveals itself in the main body of that movement. That is now what is happening within the top echelons of the Assemblies of God. Last week we reported that the AOG is bringing in New Ager Ruth Haley Barton to the General Council conference event this year where AOG leaders from around the world will be participating.  Barton is considered a major player in bringing contemplative mystical (i.e., mantra-based) prayer to evangelical churches.

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We want to say off the top that all denomination face these challenges and changes, and no church is perfect. but many pastors, like our guest today, are striving to keep the ways of the world at bay, and standing up to say, “Not in this church.”
For 19 years, Jeff Wittaker has been Senior Pastor at Michianna Christian embassy, a local autonomous church on the Michigan Indiana border. Prior to that he spent 25 years as an AOG minister in Michigan.