Rapture Palooza?

by | May 18, 2013 | Best of! | 4 comments

CaptureHollywood loves to poke fun at Christians. This movie trailer, “Rapture Palooza,” was created to mock not only those who love Christ, but Christ Himself.
If you can stomach watching to the end, you’ll see the character of “Satan” shooting Jesus out of the sky when He returns:

You may be asking, how is this any different than those in the crowds at the crucifixion who giggled and guffawed at our naked and scourged Savior, hanging on a cross and dying for their sins? It is easy to get angry at antics like this, until you remember that those who take part in acts like this are still in darkness; still shaking their fists and a holy and righteous God. Just as we did once. Knowing that He loved us while we still hated Him ought to spur us on to share the hope we have, even with those who do not see Him with spiritual eyes.