Screen shot 2013-05-26 at 6.53.09 PMWhat does religion and “human cyborgs” have to do with Spiritual Transformation on a global scale? As promised, today we are going to cover a story we first told our online audience about. An event happening in two weeks in New York City, where the second international Global Future 2045 congress will converge at the Lincoln Center to discuss a new evolutionary strategy for humanity, merging two revolutions in the spiritual and science/technology realms.

Here is the article we are covering on this development set to happen in our generation:

Human “cyborgs” Spiritual Transformation and the 2045 Global Future

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But first, we’re going to talk about the next generation of Christians. We have a new generation if spiritual crisis. Latest surveys show that between 70 and 80 percent of all high school grads walk away from not only their church but their faith in Christ once they graduate.

We have tried in our Christian youth programs in the past 20 years to make the Bible and Jesus as relevant as we can in order to attract young people, but relevance has not been the answer. (Check out the excellent and eye-opening article Top 10 Reasons our Kids Leave Church.) So what do we do about this problem? We know that the answer is The Gospel. We’re going to tell you about a ministry we’re working with called Groundwire, a place to connect thousands of un-churched young people with the Gospel of Jesus. Ron Pagel is one of those spiritual coaches and he joins us today, along with Jeff Strommen from HopeNet360.