Theological Seminaries Going Contemplative!

by | May 16, 2013 | New Age

Before you read the grievous article I’m about to share, read what Dr. Albert Mohler had to say a few days ago about theological seminaries and the future of our churches:

“Theological education is a deadly serious business. The stakes are so high. A theological seminary that serves faithfully will be a source of health and life for the church, but an unfaithful seminary will set loose a torrent of trouble, untruth, and sickness upon Christ’s people. Inevitably, the seminaries are the incubators of the church’s future. The teaching imparted to seminarians will shortly be inflicted upon congregations, where the result will be either fruitfulness or barrenness, vitality or lethargy, advance or decline, spiritual life, or spiritual death.       (source)

Now imagine sending your grad off to seminary with this mandatory course description:
Cover of "Self Hypnosis for Cosmic Consci...

Self Hypnosis for Cosmic Consciousness: Achieving Altered States, Mystical Experiences and Spiritual Enlightenment

Explores the hypnotic pathways that can lead to an alternate experiential world. This world of inner peace and happiness can be created by even a momentary immersion in the unknown potentials that lie just beneath the surface of everyone s conscious awareness. It is a world removed from the cares and concerns of contemporary life, and every perception is charmed by a sense of beautiful magic. It is a world that soothes the soul, brings contentment, and heals wounded spirits. The alterations of consciousness dealt with throughout this book merely involve a different way of perceiving the world, not a way of tapping into some mythical external “Universal Mind” and are most certainly not a source of superhuman powers or energies. The experiences generated by the hypnotic approaches described in this book can range from relatively mild or temporary states of relaxation to intense bursts of overwhelming sensation, or even to profound alterations in thought or understanding. Join in this exploration of these altered states of consciousness and sit back, relax and enjoy whatever happens.

Wow. Did you know that the two accreditation organizations – Association of Theological Seminaries and Association for Biblical Higher Education – both require all schools that wish to be accredited to include Spiritual Formation within the school’s infrastructure?
That means that if our 350 seminaries and Bible colleges want to receive and maintain their accreditation, they are going to have to incorporate Spiritual Formation (i.e., contemplative spirituality) A belief system that uses ancient mystical practices to induce altered states of consciousness into the lives of their students.
How can this be? Check out the Amos37 Blog (and excellent resource by the way), for the full details.